Be An Agent Of Change

One minute I was talking. The next I was crying; stumbling over my words as my emotions got the better of me. The pure joy and gratitude that filled my heart took over and the prepared speech is partially memorized was gone. But, I didn’t care about that or the tears coating my face in front dozens of friends, family and strangers at Autoimmune Walk NYC yesterday afternoon at the Hudson River Park’s Pier 45. I was saying what I need to say in that moment and I was elated.

What I’ve learned through all of my medical journey can be summed up with the final words I said to my now former co-worker, legendary anchor Diana Williams, “we got this.” Knowledge, sharing, and activism makes me feel like now I’ve a handle on my condition and anything life throws at me.

What I discovered from my coworkers, family and friends is my most cherished life lesson though. It is to let who you are, even your perceived flaws shine… you never know who needs to see them to know they aren’t alone, to know what is possible and to know that nothing can stop them if they refuse to let their illness or anything else be an excuse to give up on life. Never surrender!

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