Day 72: Make Sure Your Living Is Not In Vain

A note popped up in my email reminding me that it was time to fill out my Ears To You grant application from Disney.

I think I forgot to do this by the deadline last year, I thought. I will not make the same mistake again.

I logged onto the portal then clicked on the page. There, already totaled for me, were my volunteer hours for last year. I racked up 25 hours. Combined with my mom and cousin Tracey, we were near 76 hours. I glanced down at the chart to see what amount of money my hours would yield in dollars. It was $250.00.

With the matching funds Disney provides for non-profits, I’ll be able to give $500.00 to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association. Volunteering my time enables me to give to an organization that will help education people suffering from a chronic illness. What a blessing!

As soon as my confirmation email appeared in my inbox, I thought of the lyrics from the Mahalia Jackson song,”If I Can Help Somebody.”

“IfI can help somebody, as I travel along
If I can help somebody, with a word or song
If I can help somebody, from doing wrong
No, my living shall not be in vain…”

Read days 1-71 here:

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