Day 71: What are you waiting for?

“Hi, I’m sorry to bother you?” I said tentatively to nurse Nancy right after she picked up the phone. “My friend Marg is a longtime patient of Dr. Moore. She trusts him with her life. She assured me I can trust him with mine.”

“Yes, we know Marg,” she replied. “How can the doctor help you?”

“I have four masses in my chest. My doctor and the radiologist want me to wait and watch them for three more months. I’ve already waited six months and they’ve grown.”

“Wait for what?” She interjected.

“That’s the thing. I don’t know. I want. I need to know what they are. I’m hoping Dr. Moore can help me.”

“You deserve to know what they are,” she replied. “We will help you. I’m going to take your insurance information and make the appointment.”

“Thank you,” I exclaimed.

“It’s no problem at all,” she said before pausing for a couple of minutes. “How is next Wednesday, the 21st?”

“That’s great.”

“We will see you then. Don’t forget your reports and any images you have. And, don’t worry, the doctor will figure this all out.”

A wave of relief rushed over me and my shoulders relaxed for the first time in nearly two weeks. My thoughts immediately turned my friend Jenna’s admission a few hours earlier. She told me that she, her daughter and friend Richard lit a candle for me. Then, I whispered, “thank you God. Thank you Jenna. Thank you everyone who prays for me.”

I am stepping out on faith , I thought. I know no matter what happens, I will be delivered, loved and cared for.

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