Getting Older Can Be Golden With Great Friends

With another birthday came the realization that I’m no longer young. In fact, am inching closer to the ages of the Golden Girls. Did you know that they were only supposed to be in their fifties? 😮

• Blanche Devereaux: between 53 to 60 years old.

• Dorothy Zbornak: between 54 to 61 years old.

• Rose Nylund: between 55 to 62 years old

I’ve always thought my personality was almost closely aligned with Dorothy’s. I’m tall, blunt, often perceived as mean but I’m a softy underneath for those closest to me. Like her, all I’ve ever wanted to do was entertain, educate and enlighten others. I’m also competitive and loyal to a fault, which she was to her ex-husband, mother and friends. She believed in standing up for what was right, calling out people on their crap and she found love again later in life. So for day 19, the Christmas countdown shirt honors the golden girls with an entertaining simple riddle.

In college, my group of friends used to joke we’d be like the golden girls when we got older. We’d raise our kids together and live nearby. This may not have exactly come true but we remain in each other’s lives. We make it to each other’s side when something big is happening like my wedding in less than three months. Getting older isn’t bad at all with great, supportive friends.

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(P.s. I also included the shirt I chose for Day 18)


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