Sometimes It’s Best Not To Be Seen

Here’s something that has change for me during the pandemic. I don’t go out as often as I did before. For me, that’s been a good thing. There’s been less wear and tear on my body, giving my chronic illness less reasons to cause me pain or flares.

Staying in has also helped me rediscover the things and people that have value to me. I no longer risk my health just to say I did something or to be seen.

I also work hard, if not harder. Im able to keep my focus on my job rather than being distracted by random sights, sounds and conversations. I reach out to my colleagues consistently so that I can add my input and not be forgotten because of my location. It takes more thought to communicate when you don’t just shout out or stroll across a room but I’ve learned I can be more effective.

Finally, I discovered how to plan gatherings to keep anyone attending as safe as possible. So, I won’t see many people this Christmas again, especially with the tripledemic intensifying. But, I do hope those that I’m not with enjoy their holidays.

In honor of another pandemic Christmas, I chose this shirt for day 12.

(P.s. the last few days that weren’t posted are here too)

#christmassweater #christmascountdown #holidayseason #santa #stress#workfromhome #chronicillness #spoonie #invisibleillness #tripledemic


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