Chronically Ill Bodies Sometimes Land On The Naughty List

I’m putting my body on the naughty list.

It’s been a trying two weeks. First my left hand began to tingle and then it went numb. The pain in between the thumb and the pointer finger became severe, making it difficult to grip things at times.

After that, the lymph nodes under both armpits became so inflamed it was difficult to put my arms down without pain. A good lymphatic massage seem to calm them down along with an earlier bed time to get more rest.

Immediately after that subsided I began to have abdominal pain and bleeding. Seven days later the excessive bleeding hadn’t stopped so my doctor suggested a trip to the emergency room. Off I went to an unknown hospital to have an exterior and interior ultrasound. Five hours later, I emerged from the hospital with a clear diagnosis and more pain meds. So, I have selected the classic Disney villains sweater for day 13 of my Christmas sweater countdown . I truly believe that like these characters my body’s goal lately is to destroy me but it will fail just like they did.

#christmassweater #christmascountdown #holidayseason #santa #stress#workfromhome #chronicillness #spoonie #invisibleillness #tripledemic #naughtylist


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