Don’t Piss Away Your Life

Ever wake up in a pissy mood? It’s easy to let negative emotions and thoughts get the better of you when you’ve receive bad news, had tons of tasks to complete with no break, or you aren’t feeling well. I experienced all three over the last few days. While I allowed this to prevent me from posting my Christmas sweater countdown, it didn’t stop me from selecting a sweater a day to put a smile on my face, at least for a few minutes.(recap of the sweaters included)

Yesterday, I reflected on how many times being pissed off may have slowed down my progress in life. I also wondered how many times this happened and I am not aware of it. Or, how many times I was unable to shake my bad mood and became stuck or felt hopeless. I woke up today and decided not to waste anymore time on these fruitless thoughts. Instead, Santa and I are releasing the events of the past and we’re charging into the holidays with renewed determination to keep my chin up and keep forging ahead.

#christmassweater #christmascountdown #holidayseason #santa #stress #chronicillness #noregrets

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