Don’t Let The Pain In Your Soul Overflow

It’s hard not to let the pain in your soul overflow and taint everything and everyone around you. It festers inside of you, rising with every new loss, disrespect, discomfort or disappointment. Sometimes your hurt bubbles over despite your best efforts to keep it inside or heal. I presume this happens everyone. Some of us are just better at hiding our personal baggage.

I know this month is more difficult for me than any other. Yearly, I am reminded of those who were ripped from my life. The joy of both my birthday and Christmas are dimmer because they are not here to share either with anymore! 

My grandmother Nettie was born December 4th. Her sister, Evelyn aka Aunt Johnny, came into the world on December 14th. My mother Gloria arrived on December 14th. And my aunt, Rubelle aka Lola, December 16th. My aunt Lillian also died on 12/13. Each of the woman played a tremendous role in teaching about family, family and being fruitful. I carry their lessons and recipes with me. And I strive to manifest joy in the world, which is what they did and would want me to do.

So once again this year, I’m doing a Christmas sweater countdown to lift my spirits and share with others. I’m starting with a controversial one. It shows me two things. It reminds me that people sometimes take out their pain on others and are slow to ask for forgiveness. It also reinforces for me that you can grant mercy and show grace and restraint in your response to someone’s negative actions to preserve your own values and dignity. 

#hurtpeoplehurtpeople #grief #mothersanddaughters #christmassweater #christmascountdown #forgiveness #family #holidayseason


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