Your Talent Makes You Who You are

“Your talent makes you who you are, you should be proud of it.” – Tinker Bell 

I’ve spent my entire adult life after exiting college at 20 in TV. Nearly all that time, 25 years, has been at one place. I’ve produced a public affairs show, produced live sports, field produced and written specials and I’ve written and edited for daily newscasts. My contributions to my field and storytelling have largely gone unrecognized. Honestly, I’ve done very little to draw attention to my work. Perhaps I felt my talent and dedication would speak for itself. Or, maybe, my discomfort with self-promotion has hurt me. I really didn’t take time to think about it over the years because I was managing a chronic illness, growing a relationship, caring for family and volunteering.

This year, for some reason, I felt to take stock of my life. I decided to enter this year’s New York Emmy awards for the first time in more than a decade. I won two, along with my team, last month. This reaffirmed for me that I still can excel in my field. I may not be the writer I always wanted to be, but I have some talent and I’m thankful for my long career.

Happy work anniversary to me! 25 years down and who knows how many more to come.

journalism #tvnews #workanniversary #chronicillness #careergoals


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