Sometimes Progress Comes Slowly

16 days, that how long it’s taken for me to finally get a negative Covid test. Despite this, I still have congestion and a cough. I’m still using a steroid nasal spray and a prescription cough pills to keep the symptoms under control. To say I’m over this is an understatement.

As an immunocompromised person, I’m used to getting what everyone has but worse. This is my unfortunate reality. So I feared getting Covid. There were moments I thought it would kill me. Struggling to breathe with air all around me was scary. Waking up choking was upsetting. And, feeling pain in my chest because of lack of oxygen was frightening. But I avoided going to the hospital.

There were times I regretted leaving my home to take my first trip in two and a half years. However, I know life is for living. It would make no sense for me to have fought as hard as I have to stay on this planet if I were going to live in fear. So I’ll remain cautious and vigilant about protecting myself but I’m not going to use Covid as an excuse to become a shut-in.

#immunocompromised #conqueryourfear

#pandemic #comorbidities #infection

#covid #coronavirus #chronicillness #chronicpain #spoonie #autoimmunedisease #disability


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