Why Wait?

Why wait?” This is the question I asked myself as I shot up in bed on our last morning in Las Vegas.

“My mother is gone. My dad nearly died this year and I’m not getting any younger or healthier.”

I rushed to the closet, placed my fiancés suit in a bag then called down to the laundry department. Then, I told him my plan to get married.

 I don’t think anyone would describe me as impulsive. But I thought, “I’ve taken the risk of flying again after getting Covid and fighting it for 22 days to celebrate my sister friend’s milestone birthday. Is there a better time to take the leap?”

Soon after my fiancé and I shared our decision to marry, we got four signs or God winks.

 First, my fiancé called my father to ask if he has his permission to marry his daughter. My dad replied, “I just want you to be happy. If you’re happy I’ll be happy with you. Love you!

Then, we announced our decision to strangers sitting at the lobby bar playing video poker. One man was so thrilled by our news he took out a 100-dollar bill and told us to celebrate on him. He also offered my fiancé the silicone ring on his hand to use in case we couldn’t one for him. Of course, we turned down both of his offers, but he didn’t give up. He walked to a nearby store and bought us champagne to toast our union and chocolate for a sweet life.

After an impromptu bachelor bachelorette outing at the Machine Guns Experience Las Vegas, we went to the mall to buy rings.

 I was queasy and unsure if I was making the right decision as I approached the jewelry counter. The clerk, whose name was the same as my late mother Gloria, began talking to me and she told me she was born on 9/11. I told her how my mother had survived after running from the cloud of dust on 9/11/2001 and died on 9/11/20. I took this coincidence as a positive sign.

So, I stepped into the Little Chapel of the West wearing a dress, belt and jewelry picked out with my late mother. I also carried white roses adorned with a brooch that my sister-in-law carried at her wedding to my brother. I presided over their ceremony, and it was the last major event my mother was well enough to attend.

When the ceremony was over, we arrived back at the hotel to take photos. As we stood next to the love sign in the lobby, a lady and her husband strolled by. The lady said, “I know you will have a long, happy marriage. We got married on this date nine years ago. It was lucky for us and will be for you too.” I pray she’s right. Now all that’s left for us is to celebrate with our family and friends. #eloped #whathappensinvegas #marriage #weddings #love #godwinks #love #lasvegas #interracialmarriage #couplegoals 

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