Your Time To Shine Will Come

When I heard my mother died, I laid on my tear soaked pillow and wondered, why couldn’t my dad have gone first? My mom would’ve missed him but she wouldn’t have missed a beat when it came to paying the bills, cleaning the house and keeping in close contact with her kids, I thought. She was the glue that held us all together. Dad was good at handling discipline, fixing things, driving us places and cooking. But, I wondered, will he be able to hold everything else together? Will we all remain as close? 

Nine months later,  I’ve learned that my mother’s presence, in some ways, eclipsed my dad’s, prevented me from seeing his full capabilities. I now know he’s able and willing to do all the things she did while being strong in the face of immeasurable loss. I’ve discovered that the main reason he didn’t do all of those things before was that he was secure enough to let his wife take the lead in some areas while he lead in others. 

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  I love you! 

And, I have to add that my fiancé and I recently noticed how similar he is to my dad. He’s a good man and a loving father. I’m surrounded by greatest. What a blessing! 

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