See Yourself In Those You Love

 I know what it’s like to walk into a room of people and see almost no one who looks like you. I’ve faced this situation all my life whether at work, school or in my own neighborhood. Most people of color often do.  But, my fiancé really did not before he started dating me.

Yesterday, he unselfishly chose to celebrate his birthday at a barbecue with my father, a recent widower,  to bring him some much needed cheer. And, he knew would most likely be the only white person there.

His love for my family, respect for other cultures and willingness to face, what can be, an uncomfortable situation only depends my appreciation for and love for him.

So, today I salute a deeply private man who chose a difficult road and makes it look easy (and loving me isn’t easy 😉) Happy Birthday to my long suffering fiancé!!

#birthdays #widower #barbecue #family

#interracialdating #interracialmarriage #loveislove #grief #loss 

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