Assemble An Unflappable Squad

I’m a Winter baby; that’s what I call anyone who truly loves snow. As I’ve gotten older, my joints don’t like the cold or the acrobatics sometimes needed to stay upright it. But, I didn’t let fear of injury stop me from putting on my ski suit and heading outside.. I could hear my phone bing as I cautiously walked through the 8 inches of snow on my stairs, walkway and asphalt near my car.

After I cleaned off my car, I went for a walk. I tried to personally respond to everyone who took time out of their lives to wish me well on my birthday. This took up a lot of time. However, I was off work, home alone and fighting a bit of sadness. 

I made myself a nice breakfast and drowned my sorrow in a few pieces of candy from the homemade treat tower from my friend Karen. Then, I unwrapped a handmade present from my next door neighbor/friend Monica. I spent the afternoon watching Christmas movies and checking my phone. I received more than 124 posts and text messages. Yet, some people, who I’ve known for more than 20 years and thought were close to me, were absent. 

This year, out of all years, I thought they would’ve remembered my birthday and reached out, I mumbled. 

By 8 p.m.. the messages waned. I’d eaten my dinner and birthday cookies alone so I headed upstairs. I thumbed through Christmas sweater collection and stoped on the one with Thanos on it. I decided to wear it for day 18 of my Christmas countdown. No, I’m not going to snap my fingers and hope to erase the people who forgot me. Instead, I’m inspired to assemble a new unflappable squad; people who will be there for me no matter what and for whom I will do the same.I know with the right squad I’ll  be able to get through anything and vice versa.

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