Spontaneity Isn’t Irresponsible

I woke up today with a plan. I knew exactly what I was going to eat, where I was going to go, and what I expected to get dome. I have list for nearly everything in my life, which I usually only abandoned when I’m too ill to follow it. But, I made an exception and set it aside this morning.

I’m not wearing the sweater I planned. I didn’t get out of bed at the appointed time and I may make an unexpected stop to get  ice cream because I want to do so. My change is the result of the bump on my head.

I stayed in bed all day yesterday fighting nausea and dizziness. And, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had not been so regimented would I have gotten injured. Perhaps, it was just a twist of fate.  Even so, it made me question when I lost my spontaneous nature.

Just then, I looked over and saw a picture eod my old roommate and I posing on a motorcycle. We hopped on at a street fair. And, it made us want to take motorcycle lesions. We also stopped at Rudy’s bar and posed with a pig statue. At a wedding once, we got on a fire truck. And, we took an old west photo one day because we passed a booth. I think somehow, as I got older, I confused being spontaneous for being irresponsible. 

The funny thing is when I think back on the impulsive things we did I’m filled with joy. 

Lord knows I could use more joy. So, on day 20 of my Christmas sweater countdown, I’m wearing my Santa riding a motorcycle sweater. It’s to remind me to do something fun that will make me let out a hearty chuckle or a “ho, ho, ho” every now and again without prior planning. 

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