Remember The Basics To Recapture The Christmas Spirit

The sound of Christmas music was playing softly as my fiancé and I binged watched holiday movies late into the evening. It was our latest attempt to recapture the Christmas spirit after such a devastating year and a half. We decided to go back to the basics, focusing on the simple things we have rather than what’s missing. 

Our first step was admitting to each other that there was very little joy flowing through us this holiday season. Sharing our pain allowed it to draw us together rather than pull us apart. 

Second, we prepared and shared a home cooked meal. We recalled that feeding the body can also nourish the soul, especially when time and care is spent making something for someone else. 

Our next move was to ignore technology for a while to focus on time in each other’s presence minus distractions. Afterwards, we headed into the living room 

room which is filled with holiday decor. We watched the lights glisten and reflect off of the ornaments on our tree as Christmas movies played in the background. 

 As I went to bed. I thanked God for a day filled with less sorrow than the day before and prayed that would continue for both of us. 

In one night, with simple actions,  my fiancé and I both discovered we had things to appreciate and cherish in our lives; recognizing them will provided joy and that is the essence of Christmas spirit. 

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