Rest Then Release Yourself

For me, the best thing to do after I rest is to release any pent up energy, anxiety, anger or other negative emotions that remain. Doing so was easy at the Terryville Fair.

First up, I had to decide whether to enter the skillet throwing contest. Before I could “the boy” decide to kick the day off by climbing the rock wall. We followed that up with “axe” throwing or should I say hatchet throwing.

The brute force and precision needed to hurls a hatchet at a wooden target required me to loosen my shoulders, release the tension in my back, breathe and release. It was liberating.

I was able to let go of a week’s worth of stress and irritation by pouring it in each throw. The lighter I felt, the closer I got to the target. I never hit the bullseye but I honestly didn’t care.

I wandering around the rest of the fair giddy and free. I found myself over at the demolition derby, hooting and hollering for number 29 and 21 to beat their competitors and take home the $700 grand prize. I didn’t pick the right driver. But, instead of being a sore loser, feeling bad or letting it ruin my day, I walked away with a smile on my face. I’d completed a second day without my chronic illness/ autoimmune disease or emotions interfering my fun.

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