Get Your Sea Legs Back

I got my sea legs back. Walking on dry land may sometimes be problematic. It keeps me tense and literally watching my feet. But, walking and sitting on a boat in the Long Island sound was a piece of cake and that’s exactly what I needed.

My father used to take me fishing as a little girl. I have pictures of me, still missing teeth holding a tiny, cartoon themed rod with a red and white fishing bobber on it. I’d place on leg on the barrier at the edge of the Hudson River and toss my line into the water. My mother would play music from the car and provide the snacks as we passed Summer days.

As a teen, a friend, Andrea at boarding school (during high school in New Hampshire) took me to a stocked lake to fly fish. Then, I met a man in college who began taking me out on his family’s canoe to fish in a lake on Cape Cod.

In the years since, I stopped taking time away from my hectic life to just be…to fish or just relax besides the bodies of water I find so calming. Then, yesterday, i did.

I let the sun beat down on my face, ate snacks out of bag and drank whatever I had in a cooler as I pulled out from the harbor in Bridgeport. I stuck salt cover clam bellies on a hook. I lowered my line into the water and I paused. I waited calmly for something to happen. I took in the sunrise, the sunset, the cool breeze, the chatter of other people, the scenery and enjoyed time with those I loved. And, it didn’t hurt that we all caught some fish.

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