Keep Finding Your Purpose

Before kicked off my shoes, let my hair down or took off my bra, I loaded a song to rejuvenate my weary soul after work. Within seconds I was signing along with
“Instrument Of Praise” by Shirley Murdock ( I could only hope that something I was doing in my life showed my deep commitment to serving a meaningful purpose in this world.

As the thought left my mind, I heard a faint knock at the door. The last of my supplies to fill book bags for underprivileged were delivered by Office Depot. I’d feared they wouldn’t arrive on time and was sad that my back pain wouldn’t allow me to go pick them up at the store myself if they didn’t.

I dragged the boxes in and I sat on the floor, full dressed and packed the backpacks. I put the extra supplies in a plastic bag after offering them to co-worker.

When I rose from my living room carpet, the day’s discord faded away. It cleared my mind so I could remember that I’d also found a doctor for a TV interview I’d arranged for AARDA, the organization behind Autoimmune Walk NYC.

I was suddenly again optimistic that I will continue to find purpose whether it’s at work or at home.

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