Jumpstart Your Healing

My back was throbbing by the time I made it to my doctor at HSS at 12:45. I felt as if I was hunched over my cane like a scary old witch, unable to stand up straight.

My obvious discomfort struck my doctor as odd, especially since I’m not one to complain about high levels of pain very often. But today I did.

“I’m going to order some x-rays and set you up for your next radiofrequency ablation. I’ll also call in some Tramadol but let’s also do a trigger point injections. It’ll give you some immediate relief,”’he said.

“You want to stab me in my lower back? Nearly spine with only a local numbing agent right now?”

“Yes. You don’t have to go back to work, do you?”

My back spasmed, as if on cue, letting me know that this procedure was my only chance at reducing my four day old pain right away.

So I sat with my back to the doctor as he jabbed me with a long, thin needle and medication leaked into the track it formed.
I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel instant, miraculous relief but I did feel better knowing I’ve done all I can to jumpstart my healing.

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