Each Step Is Sweeter

If you would’ve asked me a week ago if I would be able to walk from 66th Street to 53rd Street to a comedy club, the answer would’ve been known. I’d have given the same response to trekking from there to 48th street for Mexican food. Yet, that’s exactly what I did after work tonight.

My coworkers/ friend’s gathered to cheer on our coworker/friend Matt as he hit the stage to do stand up once again. We ate dinner together with him afterwards. Four of us are living with chronic illnesses but they were far from our minds. Then, we walked together to the subway to begin our journeys home.
I’m grateful that the back pain triggered by inflammation caused by my autoimmune disease left me flat on my back last week. Why? It made walking this week even more enjoyable. And, it made me look forward to the nerve burning/scarring procedure (radiofrequency ablation) on August 20th so I can have more pain free nights ahead of me.

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