Yes, I’m Worth It

I suspect I’m like a lot of people. When I’m home alone, I tend to order out or make whatever is easiest. I save the elaborate home cooked meals for loved ones and friends or special occasions.

But why? I thought as I stood in my kitchen. Why don’t I spend the same time and effort I’d spend on others on myself?

I’ve certainly earned it a great dinner today, I thought. Trash taken out. Three toilets cleaned. Laundry done. Bed sheets changed. Groceries purchased. And, I did it all while suffering from fatigue and back pain. Hell, I work hard every day and volunteer my time despite living with never ending pain, a medication schedule and exhaustion.

I reached for the bag of shrimp in my freezer and began thawing it out.

Tonight, I’m having shrimp scampi with spaghetti. And, the next time I wonder if I’m worth all the effort, I’ll tell myself a resounding yes without hesitation.

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