Love The Ones Your With

Nestled in my bed, I yearned to celebrate the birth of America at a barbecue, park, or a friend or relatives home like so many others. I was up and off to work to tell anyone who cares what’s happening in the world. But, first I had to stop get a snack for my co-workers.

With five boxes of #KrispyKreme donuts decorated in red, white and blue icing hanging from my left arm (the one without my cane), I made my way to work. The streets on Manhattan’s upper west side were quiet. There was no coffee guy, Halal cart, or barely any other people.

I entered an empty lobby, absent of people waiting to see Live With Kelly and Ryan, and made my way upstairs. Seconds after I got there, I was greeted by co-workers in patriotic colors and huge smiles on their faces.

I placed my treat on the table next to theirs and was struck by how generous we were to one another. It wasn’t long before the laughs flowed, snacks filled my belly and sadness left my heart. I giggled with my co-worker’s young children, who came by for a visit with her husband. I happily ate #ShakeShack with everyone else. Then, I sat back and thought, If I can’t be with my family, I’m glad I’m with this select group of people. They have empathy and go the extra mile to make our crazy, hectic schedules bearable.

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