“It’s a God thing”

“Why didn’t you get on the 21?” My next door neighbor asked as the bus pulled off.

“The 34s going straight to Newark Penn is right behind it.”

Monica and I caught up on what’s been going in our lives the last two and a half weeks on our brief ride, including the details of my stalled recovery from nerve burning procedures.

“If you were home with back problems, why didn’t you call me to help or for the Polar Machine?”

“I didn’t want to bother you.”
“That’s ridiculous. I’ll bring it to you tonight.”

As we parted ways, I noticed my phone was ringing. It was a specialist at HSS calling me with my MRI results. It showed nerve root inflammation, arthritis, bulging discs, scoliosis, and degenerative disc disease bit no infection.

“I’ll call in a prescription for another steroid pack,” the specialist said. “This may reduce the inflammation and help you finish healing.”

I hoped that he was right but in case he wasn’t I stocked up on more CBD oil and ordered a Tens unit to combat my pain without more medication.
As I was stuffing my order confirmation email into my bag, I came across three cards that came in the mail from my college roommate and goddaughters. Each wished me well in my recovery and encouraged me to keep fighting.

“You look better today,” my coworker Carmin said.

In a low vogue I replied, “I’m a bit better than yesterday. I feel better as long as I drug and change my ice packs regularly; that’s hard to do at work. But, I got some answers, some new meds to keep healing, cards with messages of inspiration and a machine from my neighbor that may finally allow me to sleep through the night.”

“It’s a God thing,” Carmin said.

“You’re right,” I replied with a broad smile. I think HE is trying to tell me I’m going to be alright soon, I thought.

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