Day 137: Laugh Until You Cry

Laughter filled the car as the five of us made our way from the Upper West Side to Governors’ Comedy Club in Levittown on Long Island following a grueling day at work.

My original Wednesday night plans were to trek home, eat a quick dinner, write for an hour and wait for “A Million Little Things” to come on at 10 p.m. With the unexpectedly frigid temperatures rattling my aching joint, I probably would’ve added a pain pill and an early nap. This all change when my friend Matt announced that he had his first stand up comedy show.

I always wanted to be a stand up comedian. The problem is I’m not funny or at least I’m not on purpose. So, I greatly admire anyone who tries to make other people laugh. I immediately bought a ticket to Matt’s show and volunteered to drive my co-workers/friends.

The 45 minute drive took and hour and a half during the evening rush but we didn’t care. We joked, told stories and kept each other excited about what was to come.

We arrived at the club right before the opening act. Our friend Donna played mother hen. She had a table up front near the stage picked out for us and nachos waiting.

Moments after we sat down, the host began introducing performers. We waited anxiously for Matt’s big debut. Some of the comedians before him made me laugh, a few generated snickers but it was the comedians like Matt that made me cry while laughing that made me forget my aches and pains, the hours it would take to get home or the fact that I’d be sleep deprived at work on Thursday.

My friends and I met up with Matt after the show to tell him how impressed we were by his bravery and talent. Then, we piled back in the car at 10:45 for the journey home. We were riding a high that none of us wanted to end so we raced to Carvel for a snack.

The uncontrollable glee made getting home at 1:15 a.m. bearable. I know it will get me through the day and every crappy time going forward.

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