Day 97: Breaking The Mold Hurts Sometimes

I don’t exactly remember the moment I struck my head more than ten days ago. Actually, I hardly recall what happened the next two days other than I was immense pain. I thought a trip to the ER was the solution.

Yesterday at the concussion center at NYU, I learned that my hospital visit had mixed results. I was advised to take a medication that actually made my head pain and pressure worse. However, I discovered the anti-inflammatory drug I received may have prevented serious damage to my brain.

Additionally, I found out the rheumatological disease/ autoimmune disease I suffer from slows down the reduction of the inflammation in my head. So, I’ll heal a bit slower than other people.

The doctor told me my peripheral neuropathy may also be contributing to my repeated falls and concussions. So, I’ll require more rest and medicine. I will also receive rehab to improve my brain function. And, I’ll participate in a research study.

Being different or breaking the mold is sometimes painful for me. It also gives me strength, determination and hope that my struggle will make someone else’s easier.

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