Day 94-96: A Simple Accident Is Sometimes More

Only I could end my first full week vacation in six years by getting a concussion when I get home.

Amazingly, I was strong enough to use my cane sparingly during the trip. I walked slowly on my own two feet.

I was also able to do a dune buggy tour of the countryside, hike in a cave, and snorkel in the ocean without being able to swim well. I challenged myself in every way possible, including submitting to a massage. And, I came out sore and poor but unharmed.

Yet, I got home, dropped something in the kitchen and hit my head so hard I got a huge lump, a headache, nausea, blurred vision and fatigue; all signs of a concussion. Perhaps it’s my body telling me to take time to rest and be still or at least be more careful.

Day 95:

I admit, I’m nervous. The third diagnosed concussion of my life is turning out to be the worst. Pain intensified on day two… and now is going the other way on day three with meds. But, every vision disruption reminds me of the two strokes I endured and numerous falls I’ve had. I wonder how much my brain can take. I’ve prayed. I’m resting and I’m hoping tomorrow is much, much better.

Day 96:

How did I get this point? A simple slip and fall in my house. The head blow turned out to be a bit more complicated. I’m fortunate I did suffer a brain bleed or anything else more serious.

I’m grateful for all the messages. I’ve finally read them all. I have to go a bit at a time to avoid the light and the headache it causes.

I’m improving with the help of addition meds and rest. Unfortunately, I’m not up to the chaos of a newsroom with multiple monitors, phones, feeds and voices yet. I hope a neurologist at the concussion center at NYU will clear me to return to work next week. Until then, thank you all.

(If you’re wondering about the sunglasses inside, they help with the light. However, when I first saw myself wearing them with my cane in hand, I thought a cup and sign would complete my look. Lol.)

I’m blessed to be up and moving!

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