Day 93: Keep Connections

I hadn’t recovered from seeing old and new colleagues at a “welcome to spring party” an evening earlier when my phone beeped. It was my longtime friend Ian texting to tell me his family would be visiting me at work.

Although I’ve known Ian and his wife Trish for more than two decades, it’s been about three to four years since I’ve seen him in person. It’s been twice as long or more since I set eyes on Trish. And, their two beautiful daughters have only been viewed in pictures.

Ian’s message sent me into overdrive. I raced to finish my stories for the noon newscast so I’d be ready to meet them for lunch. I also walked near the edit rooms and back hallway until my leg and foot weren’t as numb or stiff as they had been all morning. They took a beating along with my back as I stood for nearly three hours the night before. I also neglected to take my evening pills on time so I was battling nausea.

By the time my friends arrived, I’d buried my discomfort and I was a cheerful as possible. I showed them where I’ve spent most of my years post college. Sure, there were some questions and concern about my health and my use of a cane. I expected that. But, most of the time we just talked about work, current events, and family. We enjoyed each other’s company. In doing so, the time and distance between us melted away and all that was left was an enduring lifelong friendship.

I realized that my desire to maintain a connection to them and other friends/colleagues pushes me to fight my chronic illness; I drives me to rise above and love my life.

(P.S. I also took my first and only sign in the lobby underneath the station name)

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