Day 58: Don’t Be Afraid Of The Answers

“According to our records, you are late for your follow up exam,” the note began. “Please call our office.”

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months since unusual lumps were detected on my mammogram, I thought as I looked at the letter from Lenox Hill Radiology. It’s already time to schedule another visit.

When I first heard about the anomaly found during my 3D mammogram and ultrasound, I was concerned. But, I wasn’t shocked. By then, I’d already had cysts, polyps or tumors removed from my esophagus, ovaries and colon. At one point, it seemed like every time a doctor looked inside me he or she noticed something that didn’t belong.

I dialed the center listed on the bottom of the paper at the start of my lunch break. A receptionist immediately picked up and took my information. Then, she paused for a few moments.

I bet they don’t have anything for a while, I thought. That’s probably what’s taking her so long to get back on the line.

“How is Thursday?” She asked.

“Next week is fine,” I replied.

“No, two days from now at one. Is that okay?”

“Yes, thank you.”

I hung up the phone and realized I’d know the answer to an outstanding question. Is there something growing in my body that shouldn’t be?

I’m not afraid, I thought. I think finding out what’s really going on will be a relief. Even if theses objects are tumors, I’ll know it and can deal with it head on.

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