Day 57: Pay Close Attention To Details

I didn’t write a blog post, I thought as I woke up. I skipped day 57. A lot happened but I ended up talking to one of my brothers for nearly two hours. Afterwards, I was hungry and exhausted. And, I was still thinking about my conversation about the health and well-being of my parents. I couldn’t focus on typing a blog post.

I let myself off the hook long enough to shower and get dressed for work. Then, nagging guilt crept back into my head.

I picked up my phone and began to type about a disturbing incident.

“Hi, I’m sorry but I was supposed to be picking up two refills under Beamon,” I said to the clerk in the pharmacy after she handed me only one bag.

“Let me check again,” she replied.

I watched her fumble through several bins before she returned with another bag.

I signed for it, handed her my card to pay and stuffed the prescriptions in my work bag without looking at them.

I didn’t think about the pills again until after I ate. I went downstairs to put my dishes away and took the prescriptions out of my work bag. I opened the top of each of them and was about to swallow them when I noticed one of them didn’t look right. I put the pills on the table and spun around the bottles.

The pill was actually for someone else. It was drug called Clopidogrel, a blood thinner.

That was a close call, I thought. I certainly don’t need to take the wrong medicine at any time. But, this would’ve been especially problematic before a procedure.

I put the bottle in my bag and brought it back to the pharmacy to my way to work.

“I accidentally got someone else’s meds,” I said. “I just thought you should know.”

“We are so, so sorry for the mix-up,” the clerk said. “We apologize.”

“It’s okay,” I replied. “I’ll pay more attention the next time I pick something up.”

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