Day 53: Mediocre Days Are Better Than Bad Ones

Nothing spectacular happened today, I thought as I made my way to the subway. I’m not sure what I should write about today.

I pondered what occurred during my day. I began my morning at the usual time. I spoke to the sheriffs at the courthouse. I took my regular train and I picked up coffee from the same food truck.

Once inside, I refilled the candy bucket, joked with my coworkers, emailed my reporters and started writing stories.

I took a bathroom break before heading to lunch with my coworkers. We went to the cafeteria and chatted with a friend who was recently laid off. Time flew by.

2 p.m., I began my afternoon stories. I got some tea to calm my tummy. I wrote to reporters, printed background information, typed, edited and repeated for the next four hours.

I took a break to hear a co-worker explain an injury that left her with chronic hip and knee pain. I paused to look at a photo of a coworker’s new baby girl. I sent get well wishes to a reporter who has the flu. I also stopped to read an email saying our general manager was retiring after 40 years.

Towards the end of my day, I loosened up. I playfully wrestled co-workers for my cane. I listened to a recap of an avoidable mistake. I made a final trip to the bathroom. Then, I put on my coat and left on time.

My day was pretty mediocre, I thought. My workload was manageable. My lunch was edible. I wasn’t in too much pain. I didn’t I get any dramatic personal news or medical news. You know what, I’ll take it.

On my walk home, I splashed through a few puddles. I enjoyed the sense of calm that resulted from a stress free day.

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