Day 52: Take Mini Adventures

“I saw photos on our station website of balloons at Lincoln Center,” Ashley began. “I was going to walk over after work to see them. Would anyone like to come?”

I stared at the silver balloons on Ashley’s screen and thought, This doesn’t look impressive. But, I have nothing to do tonight. And, Ashley is a photographer. I bet she could make this display look spectacular.

“Sure, I’ll go.” I said. “We should ask Six. He may come.”

Within minutes, the three of us were headed to the David H. Koch theater, a few blocks away from our job. From a distance we could see the metallic balloons shimmering on the second floor.

We saw white and black balloons on the first floor But, the stairs leading to the silver balloons were blocked by a rope.

Ashley asked a woman at a sales counter about the balloons. But, she had no clue.

So, we got on a long line leading to a ticket window. As we stood there, we questioned why we’d never seen a performance here or The Metropolitan Opera House or dined in David Geffen Hall.

Our chatter stopped when Ashley got up to the window. She asked the clerk about the balloons. We learned the exhibit was closed for the day.

“No balloons and we still don’t know what show is taken place here ,” I said as we exited the first set of doors.

Then, I saw a pamphlet with a blood red heart on it. It said the New York City Ballet was performing Romeo and Juliet.

We’d all seen the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Yet, we were clueless about the ballet.

It’s right here and I didn’t know, I thought. I’ve got to explore this neighborhood more.

We spent a moment watching tourist take pictures of the fountain, something else none of us have done. Then, we started our treks home. Ashley thanked me for coming with her as we entered the subway.

“I’m sorry our mini adventure didn’t work out,” she said.

I got to enjoy the weather, a new place, and spend time with friends. It was a success. I hope we do it again.

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