Day 50: Smile While Playing The “Tamborine”

I woke up with a headache, pain in my neck and a sore left shoulder blade for the third day in a row. I slept sporadically and woke up like I was going to work. So, I was in a mood. Then, I remembered I fell asleep while watching the Chris Rock special that was released on Valentine’s Day on Netflix.

I could use a laugh, I thought. That would start the day off on a high note.

I chuckled at a few spots. And, my mood began to lighten. Then, Rock got to his direct talk on relationships. I disagreed with his comments about women his age but one point hit home.

Rock claims that sometimes a romantic relationship is like being a member of the band. He says sometimes you sing the lead; other times you’re in the back playing the tambourine. The trick is to play your role, whatever it is, well and with a smile on your face. Enjoy each other’s successes, provide support and hold onto those you love.

I knew I’d laugh when I turned on Rock’s special. But, I wasn’t aware that I’d gain a new way to look at my relationships. I think I’ll be a little happier to play the tambourine going forward.

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