Day 48: Get In Touch With Your Inner Wakanda Warrior

I’d better change this toilet seat before we go out, I thought as I pondered how I’d bend down long enough to remove the old one and screw in a new one. As soon as I leaned over, my back tensed up and my pounding headache return. I
I took a pain pill and laid down for twenty minutes then I rose. I grabbed my screw driver and got to work.

When I was I finished, it was time to see the movie, Black Panther. When I heard it was coming out I instantly wanted to see it. You see, I had a Black Panther emerging from flames tattooed on my upper thigh more than 20 years ago. I chose the image based on a nickname I had when I was in school.

I was called cricket because of my long legs. I was dubbed Lurch from the Adams Family because of my deep voice. I earned the moniker Pippi Longstocking because my braids hit my shoulder and curled up. But, the nickname I took a liking to was Black Panther. I’d like to say it was selected because I was graceful or majestic. The truth is I was fast, sleek (at 122 pounds) and just about the only black girl most of my classmates knew so they were simply trying to think of a black animal. I didn’t mind. I lauded the animals’ Africa roots, mysterious nature, and awesome power.

So, I walked into the theater wanting to like Black Panther. I did but not for the costume clad men with the claws. I was more drawn to the fierce warrior women mastering technology, saving lives, fighting for their nation, and battling for love. They harnessed their animal instincts to make the world and their community better. So, in addition to my inner panther spirit, I want to get in touch with my inner Wakanda warrior.

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