Day 39: Expect The Unexpected From People You Know

I raced upstairs from a writer refresher course at work and saw a string of emails in my inbox. One of them was from a name I didn’t recognize. I clicked on it and read, “You have a package in the messenger center, please call.”

This must be a mistake, I thought. I never get anything at work. After 20 years, I can count on two hands how many items have been delivered to the station for me.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number in the message.

“Hi, I got message about a package but I didn’t order anything. I actually haven’t ever been to the messenger center so I don’t even know where you are.”

“We are by the loading dock near Central Park West.”

“To be honest, I walk with a cane. I have had a rough week. I’m exhausted. I didn’t get much sleep and I don’t feel like limping all the way down there today.”

“You walk with a cane,” the man asked. “No problem, Miss. I’ll send someone to the fourth floor with your item.”

Ten minutes later, a man walked into the newsroom carrying a large item wrapped in cellophane. Heads turned as the man approached me and handed me a flower arrangement.

These are white Calla lilies, my favorite, I thought. Who in the world sent these? Why?

Two co-workers helped me unwrap the flowers. Then, they urged me to read the card. It had four simple words on it but each one was perfect. In short, it was a thank you from my friend for taking days off and caring for him during his horrible gout flare up.

In nearly eight years, he’s never sent me flowers, I thought. I wasn’t even certain that he knew what kind of flowers I like. He said he wanted to show his gratitude in some way so I should’ve known the gift was from him but this blew me away. I guess even people you know can surprise you in unexpected ways.

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