Day 40: Set The Standard You Expect

“Driver, that baby just peed in the handicapped seats,” a woman exclaimed as she pointed to a mother exiting the bus with her child under her arm. “No one can sit here now. That’s ridiculous.”

Other passengers began to grumble when they looked over and saw the huge stain on the seat and the streak of liquid racing across the floor.

“What’s wrong with people?” The woman continued. “That is not acceptable. Folks are trying to make this city better but there are always a few who make it bad. It’s truly a shame.

I nodded in affirmation as the woman spoke.

She right, I thought. In the more than a decade I’ve lived in Newark since purchasing my home it Society Hill, crime is down, empty lots have been filled in, construction of stores and luxury apartments downtown are up and new jobs have been added. I really haven’t seen behavior like this since I started taking the bus to the train station two years ago.

When we pulled into the Broad Street stop, the driver looked back, and took out some tissues to cover the seat. Other passengers began warning people getting on about sitting in that section and stepping over the waste on the floor.

“I’ll clean it after everyone gets offer Penn Station,” the driver said.

I know and I and several other passengers thanked her as we got off.

Maybe if more people set the standards they expect and demonstrate those behaviors, other people will follow their lead, I thought. If not, at least it’s good to know there are good, descent people who refuse to live in filth that will step, clean and protect others.

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