Day 37: Company Is The Cure For Loneliness

I abhor chaos. Yet, today I didn’t sweat my unmade bed, the half-empty water bottles, six bottles of pills, Icy Hot and the tissues that littered my bedroom for most day. Each item was there to help me take care of my “friend.”

I cooked. I change medicated patches. I helped him rise, sit and move around. And, I tried my best to ensure he was comfortable. Despite my best efforts, his pain rose, leading to mounting frustration.

Just as I was feeling down about not being able to take away his pain, He says, “Thank you for taking the day off and staying with me. You bring here made me feel a lot better.”

I can’t imagine how, I thought. You feel as bad, if not worse than before. All I did was be present.

“I was just grateful to spend time with you.”

Somehow just being there for him lessen ed his distress, I thought. Providing company to someone who is sick is one of the best cures for loneliness and distress.

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  1. Hey I love your post. I hope you enjoy my blog post. I’m a young high school teacher that overcame depression and suicide when I was younger. I love reading positive down to earth post. You gained a follower!


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