Day 36: Step Up When Needed

I was emotionally drained following the Patriots’ loss in the Super Bowl and a stunning episode of “This Is Us.” All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep. But, it didn’t happen.

My “friend” was in excruciating pain. He couldn’t sit. He was uncomfortable standing. And, sleeping was out of the question for him. It wasn’t possible for me either.

Every couple of hours, I took out pain pills, a menthol and Lidocaine coated knee sleeve, and bagged ice. I jumped whenever he moved or moaned.

When daylight came, I ran to the store, made meals and showed him how to use my cane to get to the bathroom. Before I knew it, I spent my entire day off caring for someone else.

This is not how I planned to spend a free Monday, I thought. But, I’m so glad I wasn’t working and could help him. He has taken care of me so many times. I’m glad I can return the favor.

By 7 pm, he was finally able enough to sleep.

I never thought hearing someone snoring would bring a smile to my face, I thought. It’s the sweetest sound I could hear right now. It means I was able to act as a nurse instead of needing one for once. I stepped up when needed and it made all the difference.

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