Day 23: Comfort Food Is Great But The People You Share With Makes It Better

Another two writer morning meant that by the time I got to lunch in the cafeteria with my coworkers/friends I was mentally exhausted. I was ready to recharge myself with some comfort food and laughter for 45 minutes.

I wanted something that would relax with its warmth. So, I got Mac and cheese with Alfredo sauce, bacon and shredded cheddar and parmesan cheese on top. I washed it down with a bottle of lemonade and good conversation.

As I perused my afternoon assignments, my lunchtime glow was gone. I figured an afternoon treat would, for lack of a better expression, turn my frown upside down. Just then, I got an email from a reporter/ friend Lucy. She was inquiring as to whether I have cream. I responded while logging a presser, “I don’t have any but Alicia does if you need some for your hands.” Then, I glanced over at her email again and realized she wanted to know if can have cream, as in dairy.

I’d forgotten about my embarrassing exchange with Lucy until she appeared at my desk with a ramekin in her hands. It was filled with homemade vanilla pana cotta with fresh berries.

I couldn’t thank her enough for my decadent dessert.

I can reward myself at the end of the day for a job well done, I thought.

I was plowing through my voiceovers when a second coworker/friend John walked up on my left. He too cane bearing gifts. He brought chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate covered pretzels and a third chocolate treat.

I’ve received an embarrassment of riches, I thought.

When I rose at 6:11 to head home, I looked around at the faces of people I’ve worked with for years.

I always say I come here for the paycheck but I’ll miss the people when I leave, I thought. Comfort food is great but it’s the friends I’ve made that provide me with the most comfort when I’m here.539AAC21-697F-4C52-8E74-9750AAE7152A

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