Day 22: Small Gestures Can Make Someone Feel Love

Seconds after I walked into work, I learned I was one of two writers on the show instead of three. A mistake in scheduling meant there would a significant increase in my workload.

What a Monday! I thought. This is not a good start to the week.

As I began to refill my candy bucket for my co-workers, I noticed a colorful dish with a card in it. I slid it to the side, put my head down and started to work. Periodically I paused to check on my sick co-worker and friend Alicia. She was fighting to make it through the morning despite a stomach bug and a chill.

I was so swamped that by the time I took a break at 12:39, it was just to quickly use the restroom. I finished one more story and then it was time for lunch.

I grabbed my cane and raced out of the building for an appointment, fresh air and a break from the stress. Unfortunately, the hour flew by.

When I returned to my desk the dish and card were still there. I finally got a chance to open the note. It read in part, “thank you for your generosity and for your infectious enthusiasm and for making the lives of your friends a little brighter.” It was signed love L. A., who is a co-worker and friend.

It was the first time all day I felt appreciated or valued. The remainder of the day, whenever, I got annoyed I thought about L.A.’s gift.

I got the opportunity to pay it forward when I arrived at NY Penn Station. I decided to get an Auntie Annie’s pretzel (even though the difficulties with my throat won’t allow me to eat the whole thing). A homeless woman approached me and told me she was very thirst, then, she asked me to buy her a drink. So, I did.

“Thank you so much. God bless you. I love you for helping me,” she shouted loudly. In that moment I realized how such a small gesture can make anyone feel loved.

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