Day 6: Clear Your Mind, Heal Your Body

Cold is my Kryptonite. It seeps into my joints, triggering sharp pains that would make anyone cry. I know this so I tried to layer up when I left the house yesterday for a half hour. But, my tights, Long Johns and jeans were no match for Mother Nature yesterday.

You see, I woke up to ice cold water dripping onto my bed. Apparently, a small leak in my roof allowed the water to ooze through my bedroom ceiling.

This meant a sick call to work, moving my California King sleigh bed, putting out towels, a bucket, changing the sheets, vacuuming up popcorn ceiling pieces and taking out the trash. Then I climbed through the roof access inside the house. I couldn’t see the leak from there so I went outside, moved a frozen mound of snow so I could see my roof.

All of that left me unable to move at all today. Tramadol, Fiorcet, my neck brace and husband pillow are the only reason I can open my eyes to type at 5:49 pm.

I cried for a while and when I stopped, I thought, yesterday I was fling high over a new article on called, “Nika C. Beamon: Journalist, Author And an Overall Badass Woman.” Then, my world came crashing down. Still, my ceiling is dry and my body held up long enough for me to do everything I needed. Today is my day to rest. I get to clear my mind and heal my body.
#spoonie #autoimmunedisease #invisibleillness #chronicillness #chronicpain #igg4 #disability #2018 #cold #healing

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