Day 7: And HE rested on the seventh day … and so do I

How is 2018 treating you? Here are the highlights from my first week in the new year.

Day 1 of 2018: On my way to work I received a sign that “perhaps all I need is patience and persistence to attain my goals.”

Day 2: I discovered that I must face the inevitable, which sometimes means losing daily contact with someone who means a lot to you.

Day 3: I decided I’m no longer willing risk anything, including my health, for the mundane

Day 4: I refused to allow my disability to be a deterrent to accomplishing things in my life

Day 5: (my favorite day) I learned to embrace my inner Badass. In case you missed it, a new article about me inspired me to recognize my uniqueness:

“If you haven’t heard of Nika C. Beamon, get on board. This author, Journalist, T.V. Writer and producer has some amazing stories to tell, best of all, her own.”
Read it here:

Day 6: I was forced clear my mind so I could heal my battered body.

If you want to read my full posts about each day you can read them here on my blog.

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