Day 5: Embracing My Inner Badass

A lot of words can be used to describe me like blunt, quirky, and durable. But, I don’t know that anyone has ever called me a badass until now.

During my interview with Cultural Muse during the holidays, I chatted with the editor, Mechelle, like we were old friends. I babbled on endless un response to every question I was asked. My thoughts spewed out like a running faucet. I thought I’d come across as a rambling, hyper, scattered woman.

Mechelle was able to turn that interview into an article called, “Nika C. Beamon: Journalist, Author And an Overall Badass Woman.” She even pulled out quotes that made me seem intriguing.

“It’s in my nature to just be myself. So as long as I’m happy with that, and I’m proud of that, I’m okay with that.”

“My mother always taught me it’s nice to admire a person’s work, but you don’t admire the person. You don’t know the person. Be the person you want to look up to and you’ll never let yourself down. ”

“Never again would I blindly follow someone else in terms of treating me and saving my life because I realized then if I didn’t save my own life, nobody else would. ”

From Mechelle’s perspective, how I live my life might make me a badass. But, I’m just doing me the best way I know how.

You can read my full interview on Cultural Muse here:

Nika C. Beamon: Journalist, Author And an Overall Badass Woman


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