I Don’t Want Another Year Like 2017

I don’t want another year like the last one. 2017 should’ve been my easiest year. I only had two medical procedures. Then, I learned that my autoimmune disease appeared to be in remission. This led to my medication being reduced for the first time in seven years. But, I also discovered it maybe too late for me to have kids. And, I still paid more than six thousand dollars for care. Further, as I grew stronger I helplessly watched my parents battled their own healthy issues.

In 2017, I was able to use my days off from work to take my first 7 day vacation in a decade. Additionally, I kept up with an incredibly difficult workload that included writing about more terror attacks and tragedies than I care to remember. Yet, while I did this some of my favorite co-workers quit and one died. And, I was left doing the volume of work that use to be completed by two to three times as many people.

With all of this going on, I finished writing my second memoir, Chronic. However, during the submission process I was told my story is important and needs to be in the marketplace. Then, I quickly was reminded that memoirs from unknown people like me don’t sell and stories by African-American authors aren’t viewed as universal.

No, I don’t want to see another year like this one. I’m determined for 2018 to be better. I will continue to take care of myself and my parents. I’m determined to share what I’ve learned with others living with chronic pain and illness. I vow that I won’t allow a job or anyone else to mistreat me, work me to death or steal my joy. Additionally, I will keep writing and telling my stories no matter who reads them. Finally, I promise to find out what things I enjoy and do them.

Bring it on 2018!! Happy New Year!

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