Chronically Ill Person’s Call to Action

Chronically ill person’s call to action to Americans and President-Elect Trump

Heartbroken isn’t how I felt when I learned who America had selected as its 45th president; the emotion that struck me was fear. As a chronically ill woman the notion that I might lose my access to the quality medical care that has kept me alive and functioning was crushing. Now, let me say, there are many aspects of so-called Obamacare that I am not a fan of and need to be changed like more options and lower premiums. However, there are crucial aspects that must be preserved: no lifetime maximum, no refusal of coverage due to a pre-existing condition, yearly caps on out of pocket costs, and the extension of age that children can be on their parents’ plans. Without these measures one illness can destroy a family. I know. I’ve been on the verge of bankruptcy many times but I’ve battled back, kept working and fighting to continue to be a productive member of society rather than living on the government rolls.


So, I say to you today, whether you have an autoimmune disease (igg4 related systemic disease, lupus, MS, Rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis, sickle cell, etc…) or a more common condition like diabetes, heart disease, asthma, etc… make the next President aware of the needs of chronically ill people and all citizens in this country who don’t to watch these selves or their children die because health care is out of their reach. Get Cancer and you may not survive because you don’t have access to the best treatment; the kind the President-Elect has for himself and his family. Hold him accountable for keeping what matters most to you. Don’t allow yourself to become so disillusioned you refuse to stand up for the basic human right to life. You see without proper medical attention, I won’t have a life! Without it I won’t be able to contribute to making America great. I’ll just be another burden on society and no one wants that, especially me. So, stand up! Speak up!

#chronicillnes #chronicpain #autoimmunedisease #donaldtrump #nevergiveup #makeamericagreatagain

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  1. Hey! Nika
    I couldn’t agree with you more. I am praying that Trump will not have a chance to run amok. For a moment it struck a chord of fear for me too
    But I remember that God has not given us a spirit fear. He has the ultimate last word.
    Keep on striving. You are gonna make it. HAPPY THANKS GIVING!!!
    Love Nettie


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