Can You Spot The Chronically Ill Woman?

Can you spot the chronically ill woman? I bet you can’t. Looking at me, smiling with my co-workers, you may not realize it but I have arthritis all over my body; that’s a term people think they understand. All it means really is that inflammation has worn away the joints in my neck, shoulder, and now my knees and hips. It’s robbing me of my flexibility, my stride, my stamina and occasionally my smile. (I don’t let anything steal my joy for long.) I stretch through the pain, walk with the ache, climb and ignore the burn and rest when I can.

I wasn’t shocked to learn arthritis has spread in my body at the doctor this week; I could feel it. Also, I know my autoimmune condition, Igg4 related systemic disease, causes chronic inflammation. I don’t blame the parts of my body for bring worn out; I’d assume anything that’s constantly under attack would feel the effects.

Despite this, my mind tells me it won’t give up; it won’t give in. And, that means I continue to fight for my mobility, my health and therefore my independence.
#nyc #coworkers #NeverGiveUp
#AutoimmuneDisease #ChronicIllness #BackPain

One comment

  1. I can see that you are waging a fierce battle against ole man
    ” artha”. You will beat this thing yet! With our prayers and your tenacity, how could you not?! God is walking right besides you. He’s bigger than the Universe.
    Luv ya,


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