My Suffering Is Not In Vain

I know for sure my suffering is not in vain. I used my experience to help someone after I was helped by a stranger. I got off the nj transit train from nj to NYC following an hour long trek caused by the bombing delay. I Exited onto slick, wet streets with my cane. An Amtrak employee waiting for a cab with his own cane and boot talked to me about the pain of navigating the city while handicapped then he told me to take his cab bc ladies go first and I had some where to be. Got to the HSS for a cervical nerve block and an older lady was there all alone and trembling. She was getting radio frequency ablation in her lumbar region and was scared. She heard the nurses greet me and realized I’d be there. She asked me question and I explained id had it before, we went over the procedure and I encouraged her to take the sedative. I calmed her until we both went into our operating rooms. When we came out she told me I was a friend to her. She had a driver, housekeeper and assistant but no one to pick her up. I chatted with her until my fiancé came to get me. She had money I’ve never known but i had what was really important: loved ones to care for me. I hope, for a time, she did too. #backpain #autoimmunedisease #chronicillness #randomactsofkindness

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  1. Been wondering how you were and since I took your advice to follow you, I read how God has been using you to fulfill your purpose. What a wonderful way to glorify our Father, thru this elderly lady. You are truly letting your light shine. Even if your body is weak, your heart is strong.
    Only mean to encourage you.
    Keep on keeping on.


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