Be A Cautious Adventurer

I’m what you call a cautious adventurer. The autoimmune disease I live with has made me aware that if I’m leaving home I need a plan: my medication, hospital location, Uber app and supplies like antibacterial wipes, a fever reducer, a pain med and a joint cream. I used to being my own sheets too to make sure I didn’t get someone else’s germs.

For more than two and a half years due to Covid, I’ve done all I can to protect myself and my family (my late mother during her battle with cancer and my dad’s health issues) by avoiding large or indoor gatherings, wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer constantly, working from home and not traveling. But, this weekend I let my guard down and got on a plane to Tennessee for my fiancé’s sister’s wedding. I was more concerned about my fiancé’s gout flare up than my own health but that was a mistake.

Yesterday I was having trouble breathing, walking and thinking and I wasn’t sure why. By the time I boarded the plane to head home, I was feverish and had the chills too. I’m vaccinated, boosted, you name it but I wasn’t enough to stop me from getting ill.

My chronic illness means I’m not susceptible to severe Covid side effects so I’m monitoring myself carefully. Still, I’m glad we made it to Theresa’s wedding. My fiancé gave his only sister away. I performed the ceremony (I am an ordained minister) and I even danced a little bit before Covid got the best of me.

Thankfully my fiancé isn’t sick. But, he is sleeping apart from me. Boo!

Here are some photos from her big day. There are tons more but I’m too weak to even download them right now.

#wedding #spoonie #covid #chronicillness #gout #chronicpain #autoimmunedisease #tennessee #comorbidities #pandemic

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