Make Sure What You Give Comes From Love

Is it merry Christmas Eve or happy Christmas Eve? I honestly don’t know but I’m glad the day has finally arrived. I’m not working today, at least at my regular job. Instead, I will be getting ready for a visit from “Santa” and time with my family by cooking.

For the first time in a long time I won’t be making the whole holiday meal. This year, my brother’s in-laws will also be making food as we gather for my nephew’s first Christmas. I’ll be whipping up my glazed ham, potatoes, Mac & cheese, and cornbread. My other half is making his sauce from scratched for baked Ziti. I’m also be making a dessert from scratch. My sister-in-law is handling other desserts and appetizers.

To me, food is love especially when it’s made from scratch. The time, effort and thought it takes to make something for the enjoyment and nourishment of others makes it that much more special. I suppose this is also why homemade gifts or personalized ones are my favorite; they’re a special way to say I appreciate you, I see you and I care to brighten your day. So, my pick for day 24 of my ugly Christmas sweater countdown is a nod to todays activities. I’ll just have to try to make sure to remember to leave a few treats for Santa.

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