Lean In To Living A Jolly Life

Are you living a jolly life? That’s what I wonder every time I look at this sweater. It’s my pick for day 21 of my ugly Christmas sweater countdown. The fact that Santa has tattoos doesn’t hurt because I still love mine 25 years later. I wasn’t sure when I got it how a black panther clawing its way out of flames truly represented me. Now I know I can make my way through the bonfires in life and come out on the other side.

You see, the last two years certainly have not been the happiest in my life. The loss of key women in my life, heavy workloads at work while adjusting to working from home, the physical strain of my autoimmune condition, including a negative reaction to the Covid vaccine and so much more has been challenging. There’s been a lot of sadness and pain to overcome, making it hard to even muster a smile some days. But, I’ve leaned into my faith, leaned on others and leaned out of situations that add to my stress and discontent. Relearning what and who are truly important in my life has been freeing and allowed me to live the jolliest life possible under the circumstances.

#adultingsucks #christmas #uglychristmassweater #countdowntochristmas #chronicillness #chronicpain #invisibleillness #holidayspirit #decemberbaby #aging #santa #jollylife

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